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Frequently asked questions

How to describe Les Dauphins taste?

Smooth, fresh and seductive, Les Dauphins are dedicated to immediate pleasure, and pair perfectly with bistro style dishes. Serve them on a casual evening meal with friends or enjoy them on their own as an aperitif to experience typical Parisian ‘bistro life’. Les Dauphins wines range has been regularly awarded by international critics over the vintages. Wine Enthusiast best buy selection, 90 pts for James Suckling on Wine Enthusiast, silver medals at International Wine Challenge and Decanter.

What is Les Dauphins legacy?

Les Dauphins wines draw their inspiration from the ‘joie de vivre’ mood of Paris in the roaring 1920s, a time when the wines of the Dauphiné region in the Rhône Valley became popular due to their deliciously versatile style. Paris in the 1920s was the artistic capital of Europe, attracting artists, musicians and writers from around the world. The life of these artists revolved around Paris bistros, which served simple but savory food and wine that fueled the creative revolution.

Today, some of the best grape growers in the Southern Rhône craft Les Dauphins wines from the traditional varieties Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre to once again inspire the joy that made 1920s Paris one of the most exciting and creative periods in history.

Why ‘Les Dauphins’?

Located in the southern Rhône Valley, Les Dauphins takes its name from the ancient province of Dauphiné, which was the wine reserve of the heirs to the throne of France. The Dauphiné vineyards are located on exceptional terroirs, at the north of Mont Ventoux and Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

Are Les Dauphins sustainable wines?

Les Dauphins wines are crafted by the Union des Vignerons des Côtes du Rhône, bringing together 2,000 winegrowers families and 12,000 hectares of crops. These new generations of Southern Rhône winegrowers, farm family vineyards passed from a generation to another for decades, sometimes centuries. They are fully committed to the protection of their local territory and villages. Based on HEV certification (High Environnemental Value) and Organic farming, they are engaged to sustainable practices: protect biodiversity and manage their use of fertilizers and water.

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